Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Failed Motivation.

Portland is funny. Like hilarious.
One minute its warm enough that I dont even need a sweater, and the next we are in the middle of a great downpour. Thunder and all.
It really just slays me.

Once again, I am failing at being productive. I've spent the past three hours watching a documentary, and then Glee.
But now I am in Starbucks, I know, surprising.
And I was about to start writing my paper. But then I realized that I forgot the assignment sheet in my room. So now I am blogging.

And after this I am going to go blog on my school project:

^^Go follow that. And comment on it. And be awesome.



  1. Is it totally lame that I am actually really excited that you blog? I don't know enough people that actually blog.. and I am kind of into it...

  2. Dude. I am so into it. I seriously like love it. And I am following your "20 before 20" blog, and I love it! Such a good idea! Lets be blog buddies!

  3. fuck yes! sounds good! I will be sure to be posting comments and errr thing on your blog. And thank you, I am really excited to start that blog up!

    I am into your 'green' blog! you should post some ways for people to get involved in volunteering with different organizations in Portland! that would be really cool!