Friday, May 7, 2010

Essays and Birthdays.

Five pages done. Three more to go. And a bibliography.
I have two hours.
I can do this.

Thank the good lord it is Friday.

This weekend should be filled with loads of festivities seeing as it is one of my best friend Korey's birthday!
Birthdays are just great. I think it is highly important to make sure that that entire weekend [if not entire week] is just filled with goodness and excitement and giddiness.

Big Band themed party for her on Saturday. CANNOT WAIT!


  1. I hate essays. Just finished my final paper for a law class yesterday and I'm SO HAPPY to be done!

    Have a great celebration!

  2. Yeah! I FINALLY finished mine! I need to not be so good at procrastinating! But go us for finishing!

  3. That comment above was really from me. But I was signed on to my blog for a school project and didnt realize it. Ha!