Tuesday, June 22, 2010


There's a lot of things that I can't get enough of. Like music, sports, people. But seriously. I cannot get enough of being outside. It's like an addiction. No matter where I am, what I'm doing, things are like ten times better when you're doing them outside. Something about the fresh air, the openness, the light. Love it.

Any who, so I hiked a lil' six miler today with a small group of friends. We went to the punchbowls around Santa Paula. I've done that hike before, but it doesn't get old. The trail is all washed away, so it's like a pretty legitimate hike, I would say. Lots of river crossing, boulder hopping, some rock climbing, bush whacking, sliding, crawling, running. Lots of bruises and scrapes, sunburned shoulders, beat up shoes. But honestly, it's the best. Nothing like it. Just being out where no one else is. Away from everything, roughin' it. (not really in this case, but ya know.)

We finally made it to the punchbowls after a good three hours of hiking in. And even though summer just started, we decided to go in the water. And my favorite part of this whole hike, was when I changed into my bathing suit. Naked. Right there, in front of all of nature. And I know it sounds silly, and extremely hippy-esque, but being naked in front of trees and rocks and rivers and bugs and plants, there's something freeing about it. Like all of nature was watching me, but it was so okay. It was serene and natural. (I am kind of embarrassingly laughing at myself while writing this, but seriously.)

Anyways. After we had all changed, we lined up on the rocks and leapt in to the great shock of freezing cold river water washing over our bodies and our faces. Piercing us like needles. But none-the-less, it was truly enjoyable.

After eating out PB&J's we hiked it all the way back. I didn't want to leave. Sometimes I wish I could just purchase one of those awesome, really cool backpacking back packs and just load it up with my necessities, and then go off, and live in some mountains or forest for a lil' while. With just me, and my pack, and the great outdoors. Sleeping under the stars.

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