Wednesday, June 30, 2010

July: My Main Squeeze.

I love the beginning of new months. Love them. I feel like 30/31 days is just enough time for a month. You're just getting sick of it by the time it finally ends. And it's gonna be July now. The heart of summer. Where the sun shines it's brightest, you drink the most iced tea, attend the most BBQs, spend the most time outside, and wear the least amount of clothing. Those are all pretty much my favorite things. Hence, July is my favorite to October, because I really do just love the beginning of the season of fall.

June is such a tease. It's supposed to be summer, but really, it's just gloomy most of the time. Stupid June. I've tossed you out and moved on to July.

I can be a ho when it comes to months.

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