Saturday, July 3, 2010


I know I'm young, and it's probably too early for me to think about getting old, but I do. I think it might be my job and having to be around the elderly a lot, or possibly the sudden load of adult-like responsibilities that I have recently attained. But getting older, I mean like reallllly old, scares me.

And I know that maybe it shouldn't scare me so much, because it's just part of life and ya just gotta do it. But when I'm eighty, I dont want to be shuffling around, going to go play pinnacle and eat applesauce with my senile, temperamental friends.

I feel like I always have to be going. All the time. Living life, seeing things, meeting people, taking risks. And just living. Because life really is so incredibly short. And maybe there is such a thing as having more than one life. But we only get one life in this body, with these surroundings, with these people and activities and opportunities. This is it. I want chaos and to feel things and witness things with my very eyes that will broaden my perspective and understanding of this world and all that surrounds me.

And I plan to keep going. For as long as I possibly can. Until I literally cannot go anymore. When I am bedridden, unable to move, then maybe I'll be ok with my friends coming over to play a round of pinnacle. But when Im old and getting down to my last years, I want to be ok with dying. I want to feel like I did everything that I possibly could in this lifetime.

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