Friday, September 24, 2010


Due to my lack of an automobile, I spend a lot of my time walking. And I go back and forth about walking. Obviously, there are going to be times where I am extremely lazy, and walking a mile seems like a great deal of an effort. But there are several times where I don't mind it at all, and see it as a chance to be outside and get a little exercise.

So today, I was walking to work to go workout before my shift started, and I was thinking about walking, while I was follow?

And I was thinking about how usually people don't walk places because:
A) They don't have the time
B) They're too lazy
C) The weather is not proper for walking

So they own cars. And when you're in a car, you're comfy and you've got your radio and the windows down and the breeze, or the windows up with the heater, right? However, what can you do while you're driving? Nothing. You stay on the road and follow the lines and the signs and the lights.

When you walk you are free to move about however you wish. You can cross paths and boundaries. Sidewalks are just a guideline. You can climb over rocks or through forest. You can change your pace as you'd like. Plus, you take your time, you look at the things around you. And because walking takes no thought, your mind is free to be filled with whatever you want. It's a chance for you to explore. Not only physically but also mentally.

I may very well be taking this whole walking thing a bit too far, but I like the idea. And when I know I have to walk somewhere, I make sure I have enough time. So I never really feel like I'm in a hurry to get to my destination. I just stroll along with my thoughts and sometimes my music. Think about if people weren't always in a hurry, which Americans are notorious for always being.

I should write a book about how to be under stressed. People may benefit.

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