Sunday, November 29, 2009

long weekend.

This weekend was pretty grand.
Starting off Wednesday night going out with Korey. Hit up a party, sipped on some wine. Ok night.
Thursday aka. Thanksgiving - woke up and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade with Korey and her mom. Hung out all day with Korey, Korey's family and Vincent. Watched movies, sipped champagne, ate delicious food.
Friday was intense. Out with friends. Korey's life changing encounters. Excellence.
Saturday Pre-christmas party party at Korey and Cassidy's apartment. Fun. Got to see my lover hannah and meet interesting people and play beer pong and have heart to hearts with lovers.
Sunday I did homework and drank lots of coffee.
And now my week will begin tomorrow. This week and then finals. Oye. Im nervous. Its so weird that this term is already almost over. Its been amazing.
I cant wait to go home over winter break and see all my lovers back home in v-town. and eat natures grill and snapper jacks and in-n-out. and have bonfires. and sit in dairy queen and subway for hours talking with dallas. and playing sing star at sams house. and going to DWs with kyle and talking to his mother.

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  1. i love that tiffany is included in this post.
    it is lovely.