Sunday, October 10, 2010

Selfish Conspiracy Against the Sun.

I'll creep up in the late afternoon
Surreptitiously through sand dunes
So you'll be shaken
When I reach high and grab you.

Timing is critical.
It's crucial that I pick the perfect day,
When you're at your best.
I prefer you most that way.

I'll wear camouflage.
I'll swerve quick through the trees,
Blending in with the people,
I'll know you'll be by the sea.

That's right where I want you
Where I feel we both belong,
Where our colors show best
And our hearts are singing their greatest song.

I'm sorry to betray you
Since you've done me no harm,
Except for the redness
You've left a time or two upon my arm.

But I've just got to have you
Your powers make me strong.
If only I could have just a piece of you
To put inside my jar to bring along.

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