Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year. 2010.

New Years is my favorite holiday. Hands down.
Just everything it stands for and symbolizes; new beginnings, second chances, resolutions, letting go, starting fresh, new dreams, new goals, new hopes.
Im so ready for this year.

Going back to Portland on Sunday. I am so sad that Im leaving my best friends. I feel like its summer and Im leaving them for the first time again. But its ok. We keep in touch. Visit. Then summer will come and I will be in love.
The only thing I love more than school is summer.
Though I am sad about leaving my friends here. I am ecstatic to see everyone in Portland again. To have my new, exciting, fun life back.
Cant wait for winter quarter, then Spring. Cant wait for this year.

Side note: I now know how to read people's palms. Sam and I studied that shit.

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