Thursday, December 3, 2009

End of Fall.

So it's the end of the fall term. Seriously cannot believe it. For your entertainment, here are some of the highlights....

Korey's pre-christmas christmas party in her new apartment :)
Deciding to explore the frat house. Not the brightest idea.
Exploring new territories. Best idea we've ever had. Also...the night Erica discovered Mitch.
Night of max rides, peeing behind dumpsters, good music, and pita pit.
Halloween Eve Night #1
Halloween Night #2 in Eugene. Helloooo Comfort Inn.
Australian aborigines in a penthouse in Eugene.
The night me and Korey stole the street sign.
The night of not so great decisions for all.
A.S.S. - Anti-Sorority Sorority.
Fun times at Korey's
The first time we were all united down by the water front.
Me and Erica obtaining our favorite t-shirts everrr.
80's Dance.

So much fun and so many more memories and good times to come! Cant wait lovaaasss!

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